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Our Vendors

All products on our site are made by us or by local companies we've met here in Ontario. We want to show them off and give you a peek into this incredible community.


by Raj

We started out as a vegan milk company! As we slowly added more and more groceries to our site we decided to split our company (Moo Free Beverages) into two: The Local Vegan and M!lk. We are proud to continue making our 100% natural plant-based m!lks in our facility the same way we started.

Our m!lks are 100% natural -- made with only the essential ingredients. We use more than 5x the amount of almonds/oats/coconut per cup than most store brands! On top of all that, we pour them into reusable glass containers to lessen the waste in our environment. Order our m!lks here on our site for delivery!


by Herb

We met Herb at the Milton Terra Market! We were inspired by LumberHeads kettle corn – crafted in small batches, the crunchy sweet of the organic cane sugar glaze, followed by the savory sea salt on the non-gmo popcorn had us reaching for handful after handful!

"Hi I’m Herb, the creator of LumberHeads Food Co., established in 2010 in Milton, Ontario. We first came across kettle corn at a small farm market in northern Ontario. We were so excited to discover that the kettle corn was dairy free, as my son has a dairy allergy – finally something he could eat! We devoured the bag in one sitting! The combination of sweet & salty was so addictive - we knew this was something others would really enjoy!

We have spent the last 10 years refining our recipe and ingredients. Together with the amazing support from family & friends, we are so excited to offer you our true labour of love! LumberHeads kettle corn is vegan friendly; free of wheat gluten, dairy and peanuts/tree nuts! Crafted in small batches, we use only non-GMO corn, sweeten with organic cane sugar and season it with sea salt!”


The Hot Sauce Co.

by Jesse

Jesse Owner Of The Hot Sauce Co

We noticed the Hot Sauce Co. on Instagram! They looked incredible to us so we reached out to them and sampled their sauces with our family -- everyone loved them. Our favourite was their Habanero Mango so we got it onto our shelves right away.

"Hey!! My name is Jesse and I’m the founder of The Hot Sauce Co. We’re a quality-driven, straight-up hot sauce company located in London, Ontario. We're looking to remove the gimmicks and funny names and instead replace them with a new standard of hot sauce. I draw inspiration from characters like Hunter S. Thompson and Anthony Bourdain, that we need to reach for something that really speaks true to who we are and chase it down with everything we have. Our motto is to “get it how you live it” because after all you are what you eat."



by Jess & Steve

Jess & Steve Owners of The Bagel Oven

One of our fabulous customers recommended The Bagel Oven to us! We are so glad they did. We got in contact with their Director of Operations Vanessa, who was so helpful in getting us set up and letting us know all about their company. We loved the focus on a traditional style bagel, and we couldn't get enough of their crispy bagel chips!

"The idea to open The Bagel Oven came when my husband Steve and I first moved to the Niagara region with our two small children. We fell in love with the area, in particular how it lends itself to a simpler life with a focus on good food and strong community. The local food scene was thriving but ethnic bread was hard to find and there was no local bagel baker providing this classic comfort food. We set about using all our best memories to create and test out our own recipes and our bagel fans agree that our bagels and breads really hit the mark!
"The Bagel Oven specializes in traditional Jewish bagel & bread located in the heart of Niagara. We are open to the public for “factory direct” curbside pickup and you can also find us on the shelves at many of your favourite specialty grocers, and on the menu at some of Niagara’s best hotels, restaurants and cafes."


by Alyson

We met Alyson through instagram and after trying her products we knew we had to have them on our website.  We started out with her Christmas goodies and to say the least... it was a success!
"Hi I'm Alyson of Vegan Sweets. After being introduced to the vegan lifestyle by a good friend, I started to recreate the things I loved to bake on a regular basis. I would have to say my mission was to create desserts and treats anyone would enjoy, vegan, with dietary restrictions or not. I bake in small batches to order for my customers, creating fresh and creative cakes, cupcakes, cookies, pastries, pies and so much more. My business has grown from the experimental stage but I continue to learn and create desserts that taste just like you remember but without dairy and egg."

Truly Baked

by Jeanette

Truly Baked Vegan Granola

We met Jeanette at the Milton Terra Market! We loved her quality ingredients and ordered as many granola flavours as we could right away!

"Hi I’m Jeanette, the creator and baker of Truly Baked Granola, established in 2017 in small town Orton, Ontario. As a Holistic Nutritionist I decided to put my heart and energy into creating a healthy food business. This small business has grown to become Truly Baked Gourmet Granola, which is committed to producing a 100% natural, delicious and healthy line of granola products.

"All of the Truly Baked flavours are vegetarian/vegan friendly, free of wheat, dairy, refined sugar and preservatives. Roasted in small batches, I use only high quality natural ingredients and sweeten with either local maple syrup or honey.
Truly Baked offers 7 unique flavours including several grain free options (low carb).
Choose from Cinnamon Walnut, Maple Chai Spice, Peanut Butter Banana, Cocoa Superseed, Winter Spice, Grain Free Goodness and Grain Free Zinger. I hope you’ll give them a try.
In good health, Jeanette"


Wild Culture Ferments

by Andrea

Wild Culture Ferments Kimchi

Andrea was also at the Milton Terra Market, she let us sample every flavour throughout the market and we were hooked!

"I am a mother of two, a holistic nutritionist, and I have a background working in organic agriculture and as a cook. I am passionate about health, nutrition, sustainability and creating delicious food. Wild Culture Ferments is an extension of all my life passions and journey.

"At Wild Culture Ferments we handcraft the most delicious, naturally fermented, probiotic rich vegetables using organic, and local ingredients. It is our mission to bring fermented foods back to the table and we have created a number of seasonal and unique flavour combinations in hopes of appealing to every palate!"


Bistro Vie

by Candice

Bistro Vie Vegan Restaurant Owner Candice

We met Candice at the shared kitchen that we used in the very beginning of Moo Free Beverages! She made her products in the same kitchen and we saw how passionate she was about creating quality plant-based food.
"I grew up in Lyon, France where I learned to cook at a very early age and then continued developing my creations as I grew older and transitioned into veganism. I opened Bistro Vie in 2018 in a commercial kitchen, started selling at local farmers markets, in less than a year I opened my own restaurant in downtown Dundas.
"My specialty is taking traditional international cuisine and comfort foods and coming up with “even better than the original” plant-based versions for vegans and non-vegans alike. I call my cuisine “omnivore friendly” as it will satisfy anyone who is looking to cut down on animal products. This restaurant has been a dream of mine for a long time and I am grateful it has had such success in such a challenging year. We use non-GMO products and organic, nutrient dense produce for all of our dishes - it just makes the food taste that much better!"

Farina Plus Inc.

by Domenic

Farina Plus Inc Owner Domenic

We found Farina Plus at Mama Earth Organics! We were looking for some vegan pasta and were very excited when we noticed them at Mama Earth -- Domenic got us samples and we MELTED over the freshness and quality!

“From an early age I've always had a love for pasta. After graduating from Culinary at Humber, I worked at different restaurants and hotels in Toronto learning more and gaining experience in the art of making pasta. I saw an opportunity to open my own Fresh Pasta Boutique in 2012. My vision was to offer an open concept retail and production space and I have never looked back!

“We -- Farina Plus - -pride ourselves on offering many types of traditional and artisanal shapes and cuts of pasta as well as sauces, prepared foods and more! Focusing on local and seasonal product when available, I have made it a top priority to only using only top quality and all natural ingredients.
Peace, Love & Pasta.”



by Emily & Jack

"Middleton’s is a Plant-Based Food company in Hamilton, Ontario.
A brother - sister team committed to creating new and super delicious, cutting-edge plant-based food! Red seal chef developed originals with a focus on quality, real-food ingredients resulting in superior flavour and texture. Middleton’s is an elevated plant-based food experience for everyone!"

Green Press Inc.

by Suhail

Green Press Inc

We were looking for a raw juice vendor that could produce the freshest drinks for our delivery customers! We were excited when we found Greenpress Juices Inc. and have really enjoyed working with Suhail. We've now been able to support each other's businesses by making deliveries for each other and calling each other up for helpful advice!

“Green Press is a family owned and operated organic cold pressed juice company. It was founded by Samar Harb, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Suhail Taji, a Finance Professional with a shared passion for health and wellness. Our mission Is to help our communities live healthier lifestyles through the provision of clean, nutritious eats with ingredients you can feel good about."

Richardo's Natural Hemp Products

by Richard

Richardo's Natural Hemp Products Richard

Richard had a booth near us at St. Jacob's Farmer's Market! When we wanted to add plant-based protein to our site we knew right where to go.
"I had been using hemp hearts for years and used them in several recipes that I developed for clients. Then in 2010 I attended a health fair in Toronto where a nutritionist and a hemp farmer from Ontario demonstrated the value of locally-grown hulled (or shelled) hemp seeds. I was BLOWN AWAY by the difference in TASTE and TEXTURE! They had been hulled only a few weeks ago, and the precious Omega Fatty Acids had not started degrading!
"In 2013, I started Richardo’s Fresh Ontario Hemp Foods. Better for the environment because we have a much lower carbon footprint than other brands. Better for our economy because from farm to table, all the jobs are from Ontario. Better for the customer because the fresher they are, the more anti-inflammatory they are!"


Dear Grain Bakery

by Adri

"People have been coming together to break bread for centuries. So for us, bread is intrinsically linked to the feelings of community, nourishment and heritage. Our products nod to timeless baking traditions of the past, but we’ve revived these processes through modern techniques, sustainable practices, global ingredients and an untethered imagination.

"Our sourdough bread is a labour of love. We combine a slow fermentation process (12-36 hours) with high levels of hydration (83%+) to produce nourishing loaves that are scrumptious AND ultra-digestible. We pride ourselves on our use of organic and heirloom grains to uphold quality and great taste."

Gigi's Foods Inc

by Stephanie

Stephanie of Gigi's Foods Inc
We met Stephanie at the Ancaster Farmer's Market. We loved her vibe and decided to try out her vegan dressings. We loved them! Soon they were up on our site and selling like crazy.
"When the opportunity presented itself to take over Gigis Foods I jumped at the opportunity. With a background in business and culinary studies it was the perfect fit to grow this brand. At Gigis Foods we focus on fresh quality product that fit seamlessly into a healthy lifestyle.
"Our Vinaigrettes are simple and versatile, bringing exciting flavours into any diet. It's always exciting to meet and share my product with local communities and work closely with an amazing group of local small business!"

Green Goddess Fromagerie

by Morgan

Green Goddess Fromagerie

We were looking for quality vegan cheeses that were natural AND tasted great. We were really impressed with the variety of cheeses Green Goddess Fromagerie offered and were very excited when they tasted as great as they looked!
"A little bit about us; we are an artisan vegan fromagerie, based in Guelph, Ontario. All of our products are made using traditional cheese making techniques, but non traditional, and organic wherever possible, ingredients.  Everything is cultured, and aged in house, and every wheel/brick is hand formed and hand cut.  You will find that our cheese are all distinctly different from one another and vary in flavour and texture, as their dairy counterparts do.  We really love cheese and don’t think dairy free cheese should be a compromise."
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