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Our company started as Moo Free Beverages with a desire to share the quality of homemade, preservative-free plant milk with the community in local farmers' markets in Ontario.

We went to more and more markets, then quickly became the local plant-milk delivery van! When the pandemic hit, we had so many friends who weren't set up to sell their vegan goods online yet. We quickly began adding them to our online shop! We kept adding more and more vendors, and finally we realized we weren't just a beverage business anymore.

Now, as The Local Vegan we are proud to be a low-waste, local-only, 100% vegan and natural grocery delivery company. Nothing beats the experience of seeing your products change a customer's life for good.

Our plant milks are now called M!lk! We sell them in our shop and you can learn even more about them by clicking below.


We work hand-in-hand with our customers and community to nourish families while creating a safe environment to call home.
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