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We are the vegan grocery delivery of Southern Ontario! All our products are locally-made, natural and plant-based or vegan. Questions? Check out these answers below.

How do subscriptions work?

If you want your vegan products on a regular basis, you can save money by subscribing to any of our products! Save 10% on our plant milks and 5% on all other vegan goods by choosing "subscribe and save" when adding to your cart. You can select the frequency you'd like and checkout from there.

From then on, you'll be charged as often as you've scheduled your order. To manage your subscription just go to the subscriptions tab on our main page and sign in. You can pause, skip, change or cancel your plan at any time, cost free!

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How do bottles returns work?

When you are purchasing our plant m!lk for the first time, select "no" to returning a bottle. You will be charged for the bottles you purchase. You can avoid the cost of your bottles in all future purchases if you save your bottles and return them for us to reuse.

Simply select "yes" when you purchase again, then leave your rinsed bottles on your front step for us to pick up on your delivery day!

How do your referral rewards work?

We offer rewards as a thank you when you refer a customer! Rewards currently only apply to customers that subscribe (automatic delivery).

When anyone subscribes to any product, they will receive an email asking if they've been referred by someone. If they have, they can reply with the name of their friend who referred them and we will give them and their friend each a $20 gift card to use on any products in our store (at any time)!

 How long does the plant m!lk last?

The coconut and almond m!lks last 7-12 days (we guarantee 7 days from delivery).  The oat m!lk lasts 10-14 days (we guarantee 10 days). They are made within hours of delivery and expire from the time made (not opened). We do not use any preservatives or high levels of pasteurization which is the reason for the short shelf life.

To help the m!lk last longer, make sure the lid is properly sealed, and do not leave out of the fridge for extended periods of time (needs to be refrigerated!).

What is the difference between The Local Vegan and other companies?

We only sell locally-made products, which means every purchase you make helps support a small business in your community. This is great for the economy. This also reduces waste from avoiding extensive shipping/transporting of goods!

All our products are 100% vegan. We are careful to select only items that are fully vegan. We are careful to stay educated on plant-based production and always double check our vendors' ingredients lists before adding their foods to our website.

We look for natural products that are limited in preservatives, added sugars and other unnecessary ingredients! We make our own plant M!lk here as well which is 100% free of preservatives, added oils, added sugars, etc.!

Lastly, we look for zero-waste and low-waste products. We have helped some of our vendors work together to use more eco-friendly packaging and are always trying to think of zero-waste alternatives. We optimize our delivery routes to reduce waste and work with local businesses to "carpool" our deliveries as well, helping more than one local business reduce their carbon footprint.

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