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Thanks to your support and the collaboration of our other local vendors in Ontario, we're growing! We are excited to announce some changes we've been dreaming of.
Our New Company Names
When Moo Free Beverages began, our only goal was to bring the goodness of homemade nut-milks to you, our community. Over time, we expanded from farmers markets to online delivery, from just milk to more and more local vegan products. Now, as Moo Free Beverages, we are creating 2 sister companies. Introducing... *drumroll please*
The Local Vegan
Our online local vegan grocery store will now be called "The Local Vegan"! Cute, right? :) Using the same website, nothing will change here except the name and logo. Your subscriptions and accounts will remain the same, and you can access the site as normal through moofreebeverages.com or thelocalveg.ca.
Our plant based milks will now have their own name too. We wanted something a little easier to say! Our M!lks have one change you may have noticed in stores - they are finally pasteurized! Thanks to your support we were able to invest in a heating and cooling setup that will remove a little of the bacteria in our milks so they can last up to 3 weeks. Yay! The simple ingredients will all stay the same – no gums, oils, artificial flavors or sugars. After May 7th all our plant milks will be our pasteurized M!lks!
Pasteurization is the oldest known method for preserving foods (aside from drying). You do it in your own kitchen! It is a process where foods are heated for a short time before cooling to kill some bacteria that can make you sick.
There are multiple "levels" of pasteurization, based on how high the temperature used, or how long it's held at that temperature. We like bacteria. Because of this, we’ve chosen the slightly harder route and use the lowest possible heat for the shortest time approved by food standards.  
Now we can not only be sold in stores but also be a safer option without sacrificing the homemade quality of our super simple, all natural milks!
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